Climate Heating and Servicing Ltd were recommended to Polemarch Industrial a number of years ago from a new tenant going into one of our properties in Widnes.  As an Industrial/Commercial and Residential Property company, we require the services from reputable, reliable and trustworthy contractors from all areas of trade, preferably through recommendation.

They furnished us with direct names and number, keep us informed and updated with written reports and visuals as and when necessary on any job, and able to assess situations and give priority where and when required.  Their team are focused and readily available should we have any queries or issues we need to discuss.  

Whilst they were initially brought into our Industrial and Commercial properties primarily as gas and heating service engineers,  over the years  they have proved themselves experienced and more than capable in other areas, such as water issues, from leaks to contamination clearance and major drain excavations and repairs, replacement of some very old systems and parts as well as installation of new.

As a property company of some size, with properties throughout the North West and Midlands areas, we must have confidence in our contractors, as we have been let down in the past.  With Climate, we have 100% confidence, they have never let us down or been unable to rectify and resolve any problems that arose in any of our properties, consequently, they now look after our whole portfolio.   They are Truly a Professional company and we in turn have recommended them to our partner companies as well as other associated businesses.

– Elizabeth
Property Manager