Smart Buildings

Made Easy

Now more than ever, businesses are seeking ways to make their energy work smarter. Energy costs are continuing to rise, meaning businesses need to act in order to save profits whilst still using the same energy. Our systems can help with this.

Our highly trained team provides project installation & commissioning, support services and integrated BEMS (energy management solutions) to leading UK businesses across all sectors.

Smart building solutions are enabling property managers to track building energy and control systems (BEMS), maximize efficiencies whilst maintaining a comfortable and productive work environment, regardless of technical experience. We make buildings smarter, which in-turn enables businesses to reduce their energy costs, improve asset visibility, control their spend and achieve environmental goals. Our in-house teams can set up AI systems that monitor equipment performance information including sensor data, trends, alerts and statistics. Our systems support industry standard protocols such as Dali, Modbus, BACNet, Ethernet/IP and more. In real-time, information can be collected from assets and then spun up and visualised so AI can respond to live data from clients equipment and assets. It can even respond automatically to alerts sending out notifications to the right person within your organisation so they can react to any given situation in the appropriate manner.

Energy Management made easy

We put UK businesses in control of their energy usage by helping them save energy; we give them control of their assets and enable access to live reading of their meters. Our aim is to lower the carbon footprint of your business and help you reach net carbon zero by 2050 in line with government targets. We have designed a remote access system so that we can monitor and make changes when necessary from afar – we will however always be on hand for ongoing maintenance and support, if required.

We provide turnkey BEMS services 

We provide turnkey project installations, service support and integrated energy management solutions. By working with our clients to understand their individual needs we are able to offer the gold standard in BEMS services, including remote monitoring.

What can be monitored via BEMS

  • Internal lighting levels
  • External lighting levels
  • Internal temperatures
  • External temperatures
  • Internal air quality 
  • External air quality 
  • Room occupancy
  • Internal space occupancy
  • External space occupancy
  • Intruder alarm interfaces
  • Fire alarm relays
  • Electric meters
  • Electric sub meters
  • Gas meters
  • Electric sub meters
  • Gas meters

What we can control via BEMS

  • Internal lighting 
  • External lighting
  • Internal lux levels
  • External lux levels
  • Internal temperatures
  • Air conditioning
  • Air curtains 
  • Fans 
  • Panel Heater
  • Water Heaters
  • HVAC equipment
  • Ventilation equipment
  • Emergency lighting 
  • Building occupancy 
  • Sockets
  • Coffee machines
  • Fridges & Freezers
  • Ovens
  • Doors

Making remote testing of your emergency lights possible

We allow you to interface with your Dali emergency lighting which gives the ability to:

  • Function test emergency lighting weekly 
  • Function test monthly
  • Initiate and operate complete run-down testing (these are a legal requirement)
  • Autofill certification to meet annual safety requirements as per BS 5366 
  • Gives you immediate notification of fitting failure

Why is remote monitoring and testing better than a traditional system? 

  • Same functionality and safety as the traditional system with the added benefit of the points below. 
  • Save on the cost of an engineer attending to carry out annual run-down tests (these are a legal requirement)
  • All faults are instantly visible on the system and therefore fitting swap outs can be added to your planned maintenance regime which is less costly than reactive maintenance. 


People Tracking Sensors

We can provide people tracking sensors, these can measure the number of people in a building, their location, and their concentration. The capabilities of these sensors include improved data management, analytics, door control and the ability to monitor headcount – giving the managers improved insight into their buildings.


Air Quality Sensors

According to the GOV.UK website, “poor air quality is the largest environmental risk to public health in the UK.” This indicates that being able to monitor air quality – particularly in large commercial buildings – is now essential. Here at Climate Energy Group, our sensors have the capability to measure overall air quality, fine particulate matter, temperature, carbon dioxide, humidity and more. We can create bespoke solutions to allow building managers to see and affect the air quality in their buildings, with a range of benefits that include improved overall health, comfort and safety.