We provide award winning Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) nationally, these cutting-edge systems have been put in place to save our clients operational expenditure and reduce carbon footprint, helping the push for our clients to become net zero carbon by 2050.

In addition to these benefits, clients are able to monitor, control and make changes to their assets remotely. By standardising procedures across clients estates, we mitigate the risk that exists when individual site managers operate in different manners, by configuring all sites to operate and report in the same way. Once the system is set up, it enables clients to identify whether sites are under or over performing regarding their energy usage based on baseline Kilowatts per SQFT usage.

Maintenance Benefits

By constant real-time monitoring individual sites, we are able to receive live information including fault codes. Once these codes are deciphered, clients’ FM teams can optimise their maintenance regimes, therefore reducing further cost and carbon usage. This allows the FM teams to direct their engineers to attend site with the required parts first time so they don’t have to attend multiple times to fix an issue. 


The benefits of installing a BEMS system is… 

  • Remote Access 
  • Remote modifications 
  • Operational cost reductions
  • Asset failure predictions 
  • Asset optimisation 
  • Remote visibility 
  • Carbon reductions 
  • Real time fault monitoring
  • Real time meter monitoring
  • Reduced downtime
  • Maintain operational efficiency 
  • Proactive maintenance 

Account Management 

Our experience has shown that by assigning each client a dedicated account manager who works closely with you to understand specific project needs, every project can be completed to the highest standard with a minimum amount of difficulties. By giving your account manager a level of accountability to you this will ensure you peace of mind throughout the process. You will receive clear communication, a single point of contact and a responsive, efficient service. This combined with our highly experienced in-house engineers and the use of the most innovative technology provides a dynamic service that puts you in control and enables installations to take place with minimal business impact.