Design and Build

We provide cutting edge design services for new build construction for clients across the UK. Our comprehensive design service works alongside your in-house or outsourced design team from project conception all the way through to completion ensuring you have great control over the process.

We can work either as principle contractor or as a service provider within a main contractor’s team.  Working in collaboration with our mutual clients, our goal is to design solutions to best fit the needs of the client. We encourage clients to be open-minded to new technologies they haven’t used before, or that are just emerging in the market place even though these may not always be aligned to historical industry best practice.

Always with one eye on the evolution of sustainable building design, our design team can prepare to prevailing design standards. Working in conjunction with the client’s design team we can work towards BREEAM rating for their new build project. 

Alternatively, if the project is the fit-out of a previously constructed shell, the design would be prepared to achieve a pre-determined SKA rating. We can overlay onto clients existing CAD technical drawings, allowing us to deal promptly with any specific requirement.

Design using smart technologies for focused energy reduction 

An emphasis on corporate social responsibility, coupled with rising energy prices, has led to a greater focus on lowering energy consumption within many industries.  This means that cost during the lifetime of a building is now always a major consideration when planning a new project. We work hard to use smart technologies to create energy-efficient buildings that can cut your energy costs by as much as 50 per cent. 

Account Management 

Our experience has shown that by assigning each client a dedicated account manager who works closely with you to understand specific project needs, every project can be completed to the highest standard with a minimum amount of difficulties. By giving your account manager a level of accountability to you this will ensure you peace of mind throughout the process. You will receive clear communication, a single point of contact and a responsive, efficient service. This combined with our highly experienced in-house engineers and the use of the most innovative technology provides a dynamic service that puts you in control and enables installations to take place with minimal business impact.