Energy Audits

We undertake specialised examinations of buildings to assess each organisation’s energy usage, including the performance of HVAC and electrical assets…. Using unique energy-saving techniques, we will then offer a tailored system of energy efficiency measures and upgrades. This includes a detailed breakdown of financial savings that could be achieved through installation of the new systems.

1. Energy Reduction Survey

A detailed survey of the current energy usage of each premises, including electric, heating, lighting and the day-to-day operation of the building. Detailed examination of how the operatives and the working systems of the premises are considered in detail at this stage.

2. Feasibility Study

The feasibility of the project is then considered in-depth with the client. This includes costs of installation of any new equipment, plus the possibility of upgrades to existing systems. Details of potential cost-savings that can be achieved through installation of the new system are discussed. By utilising our existing supply-chain we can offer excellent returns on investment for our clients and establish realistic payback periods. 

3. Client Input and awarding of contract

Following the feasibility study, we will set out our findings to the client and produce cost-based scenarios of how carbon emission reductions can look in terms of operational efficiency and operational expenditure based on the return of investment of new systems / technologies. We will offer our recommendations of what works are required, once these are agreed with the client and a contract of works is awarded we will start the installation process. 

3. Installation

Our managers will work with each client to deliver an installation plan that suits the needs of their business.  The work can be undertaken out of business hours to minimise any disruption to usual working practices, if this is a requirement of the specific job.

4. Energy monitoring

Monitoring varies depending on whether the organisation we are working with has energy monitoring in place prior to installation of the new systems. For those without prior systems, we will install energy monitoring 2-4 weeks before any other work commences.