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We can help your organisation become more sustainable and environmentally friendly by implementing a range of different processes. We can achieve this by either replacing your current assets or fitting equipment to make your current assets work more efficiently. 

The main elements to consider in your building are your heating and lighting and all derivatives of these elements.

For examples of areas to consider see below:

  • Installing AC equipment with the best COP (coefficient of performance) normally between 3 and 4 and regular maintenance to keep the COP as close to the manufacturers recommended COP as possible, 
  • Allowing your gas fired plant to work more efficiently,
  • Replacing fluorescent lights for LED especially where T8/T12 are in situ as they are the least efficient form of fluorescent lighting, T5 is a more efficient type of fluorescent lighting however this can still be improved on, additional controls can be added to fluorescent lighting to ensure higher efficiency, 
  • Where air curtains are installed and required it is important to install the most efficient type of air curtain available
  • Controls to external lighting 
  • Controls to transition space lighting 
  • Controls to work space lighting 

All the above factors put together into a strategy and using a controls system will make for a very energy efficient building and although your CAPEX spend may be higher you will see a very quick return through your OPEX spend being significantly reduced.

We achieve this via the processes set out in the Carbon Consultancy section.

We would recommend installing a BEMS system however if that isn’t possible here are some quick wins to improve your energy usage…

  • Reduce lighting costs by ensuring lights are off in unoccupied rooms
  • Replace light bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs
  • Ensure all office / electrical equipment is turned off when it isn’t in use. 
  • Reduce business travel costs, where possible work from home or conduct meeting online
  • Maintenance is extremely important to keep equipment running efficiently
  • Ensure dripping taps are fixed promptly 
  • Turn down thermostats by 1 degree

Carbon Consultancy

Account Management

Our experience has shown that by assigning each client a dedicated account manager who works closely with you to understand specific project needs, every project can be completed to the highest standard with a minimum amount of difficulties. By giving your account manager a level of accountability to you this will ensure you peace of mind throughout the process. You will receive clear communication, a single point of contact and a responsive, efficient service. This combined with our highly experienced in-house engineers and the use of the most innovative technology provides a dynamic service that puts you in control and enables installations to take place with minimal business impact.